What Freshmen Don’t Want You to Know!



Some things about being a freshman aren’t easy to talk about.

Sarina Luke, Staff Writer

Freshmen heading to NAI for the first time in the year 2022 face challenges that they don’t want you to know about. 

Social groups that seem pre-determined are one aspect of high school that can intimidate many freshmen. “I was most afraid that I would not know anyone in my classes. It’s scary when everyone has already formed groups and already has friends,” said Ruby Beighley. 

Freshmen may also find themselves trying to debunk stereotypes that people in older grades automatically assume about them. Although there are some quiet or introverted freshmen, for example, they don’t want people to assume that they are all shy or immature.  

Other stereotypes that freshmen are afraid of being put into include that they are “annoying” or “that they walk too fast,” said Alexis Solomon. 

Freshmen are just so nervous about being nervous.

They even go as far as assuming that people judge them or treat them differently just because they are a year younger. For example, Beighly talks about even getting the nickname “Freshy” once her new friends found out that she was a freshman. 

However, that’s not the only thing that freshmen struggle with. 

Freshmen also worry about their image and if they are doing enough. In high school, everyone seems to have it all together and belong to different cliques and activities. Some freshmen may be more hesitant about what activities they will do because they are, “afraid it’s gonna define us for the next four years,” says Solomon. 

These social struggles are tough, but freshmen also deal with academic struggles. 

There is an increase in homework and assignments in high school compared to middle school. 

Freshmen had to learn to deal with this in different ways. Some had to learn to stop procrastinating and write down homework. Others were forced to find a way to deal with assignments quickly due to having other activities. 

Many find that learning to stay away from procrastination, and asking others near them for help are really effective ways of dealing with the increased academic load. As an added bonus, working with other people who are struggling with the same things that they are, can help freshmen bond with each other. 

Many freshmen eventually realize that it isn’t worth limiting themselves to trying new activities or meeting new people just because they are anxious about it. The key to understanding how to overcome their anxiety is acknowledging that “freshmen are just so nervous about being nervous,” said Solomon.