September 21, 2022

Hello NAI students! If you are a student who likes to solve puzzles, exercise logic skills, or learn about the aspects of language, join the NAI Computational Linguistics Club! We’ll have our first meeting on September 27th in the NAI Lounge from 2:30-3:30 where we will introduce you all to the world of linguistic thinking and solve some fun puzzles together. This club will build up to the official NACLO Olympiad which is a contest for those who would like to earn a place in the International Linguistics Olympiad. If this interests you, check out the NAI Student Information Blackboard announcements for the sign up link and club contact information. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Are you interested in advocating for equal rights for all genders? Gender Equity Series (GES) welcomes you! GES endeavors to be a safe space for students and teachers to discuss topics ranging from gender identity to representation in media to a myriad of other subjects. Join us on TUESDAY, September 20th at NAI in Room 305 from 2:45-3:45 PM for our first meeting. Check your Blackboard Announcements to fill out the signup form. We hope to see you there!!

Homecoming Dance tickets go on sale today. They will be sold before school across from the office and during all lunches outside the Lounge. Prices are $20 per student this week (9/21-23). Payment is only by check payable to NAI. Also, you and your parent MUST complete the dance agreement form and turn it in at the time of ticket purchase. You will not be permitted to purchase a ticket without this completed form, which is located on Blackboard on the announcements page. Are you planning to bring a guest from another school? The guest must also complete a Dance Agreement Form and the Guest Permission Form to submit at the time of ticket purchase, and both the guest ticket and NAI student ticket must be purchased at the same time in the morning from an advisor. Tickets are advance purchase only, and the last day to purchase a ticket is Friday, Sept. 30!