If the Shoe Fits



Most people agree, having a pair of comfy backup shoes is an important part of the final Homecoming prep.

Annika Good, Staff Writer

With Homecoming season starting again, anxiety builds for students planning what they are going to wear or how the night is going to go.

The weeks approaching that special night are filled with constant dress fittings and tie checks, not to mention the stress of finding an aesthetic place for photos, or scheduling reservations for dinner. 

All the fun of the dance aside, the preparation for Homecoming can be the most important part.  But does that mean students have a special routine to get ready? 

“Not necessarily,” said Sophomore Lyla Hengelsberg. “I shower first, then wash my face and do my skincare routine. Then I would do my makeup and hair, and get dressed.”

Finding the perfect dress is probably of utmost importance. For Homecoming, the type of dress students usually wear is shorter, but there are a few who like to stand out more by wearing long floor-length dresses. Sophomore Ashley Friends said has the intention to wear a shorter dress, while Sophomore Isabella Cuomo is planning to wear a longer one. “I like my dress long, ” said Cuomo. “I don’t really care about the whole social standard of a short dress. As long as I like it, it doesn’t matter”.

The topic of shoe wear is also heavily talked about, with the homecoming tickets themselves stating right of the front “Must Wear Shoes”. Some students plan to wear heels, but then they take them off when their feet start to hurt.

I tried wearing heels the whole night last year and just couldn’t take it

While some will say they don’t mind wearing heels the whole night, others will say it is the worst idea ever. Another Sophomore interviewed said “It’s more a personal preference, I tried wearing heels the whole night last year and just couldn’t take it, so I’d say no to heels.” 

The days are counting down to the Homecoming dance on October 8th. Student Council is selling tickets and the theme Enchanted Garden has been announced. Students will finally find out if all the preparation was worth it  and how all dress fittings and shoe choices come together.