One More Student Section?


Addey Kane

Before game at Newman Stadium on September 9th.

Addey Kane, Staff Writer

High school students glance over at the other side of the bleachers, during an NA football game, just to see another student section filled with middle schoolers.

NA football games are known for their passionate, people flooded, on theme, somewhat crazy student section. However, there is now a middle school student section, and some high schoolers have their own opinion about this. 

“Well, that student section there has been there for years, but no one’s ever considered it a student section. Honestly, it’s much calmer than it used to be, so it’s better for them,” stated freshman Katherine Vales.

For many fans, high school games were a little too crazy with middle schoolers running around the stadium. People just want to sit and watch the game, and not have to listen to every middle schooler who decides to take a walk. 

As Vales points out, having their own section means the middle schoolers don’t get yelled at, and they aren’t bugging the high schoolers. Instead, they can sit farther away from the high schoolers, and still have fun. However, some people have mixed opinions.

I don’t really care for it.

— Sophia Vales

“I don’t really care for it. They should be able to have a student section just like highschool. I don’t know. It was a lot easier when they were all in the back, all just hanging out. We didn’t have to deal with them or anything, but I don’t care that they have a student section,” said freshman Sophia Vales, Katherine’s sister.

As Vales notes, it was a lot easier when high school students and parents didn’t have to deal with middle schoolers. Typically, the middle school students would go to the game to hang out with friends behind the bleachers, or sit with their parents and a few friends. Now they sit in their own section.

Their section isn’t quite as big as the regular student section, but it still takes up a good chunk of space. And this leaves minimum room for the parents. It also makes the bleacher section a lot louder. The bleachers were loud before, but now having two student sections, fans can barely hear themselves think. For some, this makes them yearn for the days when the middle school students could wander around. 

Student sections get packed, fast. Which leaves little room for a group of students if they get there a little later. High school students know this by heart, but it hasn’t affected them always. They know that if they want a seat, they need to get there early, and if there isn’t a seat you just sit right by the section. Parents normally want nothing to do with the section.

However, the middle school section is right by large groups of parents, which leaves some kids out. If middle school students don’t get to the game fast enough, they may not get a seat in the section because of the massive groups of parents surrounding it. This could lead to kids getting left out.    

Twila Goulding and other middle schoolers during a football game on September 9th.

Also, students in schools all around have to wait until high school to sit in a student section, so shouldn’t middle schoolers wait too? Freshman are now having their chance to finally sit in the beloved student section, but the middle schoolers started to use theirs. This could take the specialness of the regular student section away.  

Nevertheless, how do middle schoolers view this new student section? Do they think it has the potential to become the new student section?

“Yeah, I think it will be the new student section because all the middle schoolers already sit there. Parents can’t really fit because there’s so many middle schoolers,” eighth grader Twila Goulding said. 

Goulding notes that this could be the opportunity for a new student section. Possibly merging the student sections could create an end to all of the troubles.  

Parents might be thankful if the student sections merge. This could create more space for just the parents. With two student sections the parents are squished in between both of them, but with one they would get their own personal space.  

Nonetheless, some high schoolers could view this as annoying because they would have to sit right next to the middle schoolers, which could be a problem. High schoolers might not want to hear a middle schooler complain about their own problems. With being in such a close proximity some arguments could have the potential of starting up. which could lead to bigger problems. 

There hasn’t been any student section feud yet, but it could come. If it does come, students will need a solution. Whether it be to get rid of the middle school student section or merge them. It could be a tricky solution for an even more difficult problem.