The Problem With Test Retakes


Chase Timmerson

NA needs a test retake policy to clear up the confusion and inconsistency students experience.

Chase Timmerson, News Editor

After finding out you have just failed a challenging test do you want to know your friend can retake it while you can’t. This is a recurring problem within NAI. Some teachers may allow their students to retake tests to better their grade, while others give no chance for students to increase their score.

Teachers should be allowed to give retakes of their test, but there needs to be continuity throughout the school. The purpose of tests should be to display your knowledge, not to earn a high grade in the class. Students should get an equal opportunity to retake tests after poorly performing on one. Retaking tests would allow students to prioritize their education rather than prioritize their grade in a class.

If students are allowed to retake their test it will give them the responsibility of their grade. Students will have to put in the extra effort to increase their score. Retaking a test will give the hardest working students a chance to increase their knowledge and grade.

Many departments in NAI such as Math, Science, and History use common test and teach the same curriculum, but the differing factor is whether or not teachers give retakes for the test. If students are taking the same test, but not given the equal opportunity to retake the test it is not fair.

Certain teachers allowing students to retake tests is not fair to all students. As students retake their test, problems with GPA and college admissions also arise. Colleges base a large part of their admissions process on grades and with test retakes it fails to accurately and fairly represent each student.

The school needs to find a balance between test retakes and fairness for all students. Whether the school decides to prevent teachers from giving retakes or encourages retakes across a subject, a solution is urgently needed.