NAI Excited to Celebrate the Holiday Season


Abby Schorr

The holiday season is full of spending time with loved ones!

Abby Schorr, Staff Writer

As the upcoming Christmas season is coming up, we start getting into the Christmas spirit by doing holiday shopping, cooking and baking up delicious food and desserts, preparing for family coming out of town, sending out Christmas cards and much more. 

Everyone has fun unique holiday traditions in their family that they enjoy, one holiday tradition that I do with my family is a day or two before Christmas we make hot chocolate ice cream and Christmas cookies, and on Christmas Eve, we watch a  Christmas movie and have the ice cream with the cookies, sprinkles, and marshmallows.

NAI’s staff and students were also happy to share their favorite parts of the holiday season.

Assistant principal Jenna Fraser says, “I love to see the joy in my kids during the holiday season and doing fun holiday activities with them.”  She also says, “My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas story.

Chemistry teacher Brian Zavacky says, “A tradition I really enjoy is making ornaments with my students at school and then making ornaments with my kids at home.”

English teacher Greg Geibel says, “I would say my favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard.”

Freshman Mikayla Coll says, “I am most excited to see family from far away.”      

She adds, “A fun holiday tradition in my family is that we always go to my grandma’s and play the saran wrap game where we pass a ball of saran wrap and unwrap it and get candy.”

Coll also reported “ my favorite Christmas movie is the old Grinch movie.”

Sophomore Annalise Rearick said “I really like spending time with my family during the holiday season.”

She also said “A tradition we have  is on Christmas Eve we hide a pickle ornament and the first one to find it opens the first gift on Christmas morning.”

Sophomore Noah Cerimele says, “My favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express.”