44 to 21


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Julio Rodriguez proved he was “him” in his rookie season.

Noah M. Cerimele, Staff Writer

The Mariners had been bad for a really long time but with the bringing of superstar rookie Julio Rodriguez, he and the entirety of this team is changing the narrative around mediocrity. 

 The title of this story is called the meaning of 44, and it has a deeper meaning than just a number. If you go deeper into the numerology of the number 44, you will find a plethora of different meanings; one thing you won’t find about this number is negativity. 

In numerology, the number 44 is about business, especially business related to building something to benefit many generations. Wow, what a fascinating fact for somebody who knows what number 44 is building in the Pacific Northwest. 

The ‘magic” meaning of 21 is not magical whatsoever. In fact, it is a depressing number to Seattle Mariner fans, but when rookie phenom #44 Julio Rodriguez first came to Seattle, his first and only goal was breaking the 21 year playoff drought. 

Coming into the big leagues, Julio had all the weight of the world on his shoulders. He had, quite literally, an entire city waiting for him to immediately succeed, and if he didn’t, he would be labeled a huge disappointment. Well, the start to his major league career was everything he hoped it wouldn’t be. As he couldn’t hit breaking balls and wasn’t getting on base, he had to have a total regroup and the club even considered sending him down to the minor leagues.

But before the complete retool of Julio’s game came a full brawl mid-game against the Angels on June 26th.  Teammate Jesse Winker was thrown at intentionally and Julio was the first man out of the dugout to defend his guy. 

Julio and a few other mariners  were suspended, but this is what the Mariners needed: a moment that would bring them together as a team, and as people. Right after, they went on a 14 game heater, taking the AL wild card spot and securing it for themselves and never getting it back. 

So how did baseball fall in love with Julio Rodriguez? Some may say it’s the fun energy he brings to his team and the flashy playstyle kids will look up to. Both are definitely right answers, but I am looking at something different. All-Star Weekend 2022, the 21 year old stepped into one of baseball’s most exciting events, the Home Run Derby and absolutely set the place on fire, taking down Corey Seager and back-to-back Home Run Derby Champion Pete Alonso on way to a finals appearance where he eventually lost to Juan Soto. But the baseball world absolutely took notice of his performance. 

And shortly after the all star game Rodriguez graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, with a great headline that read, “The Magic and Meaning of 21”.

After all of the All Star Game commotion cleared, the Mariners absolutely cruised to their first playoff in 21 years, being le, by the 21 year old who  was undoubtedly one of the best players in baseball during the second half of the season. Ultimately, the Mariners Magical season was cut down in the Playoffs by the Houston Astros, the eventual World Series champions. 

Even though it wasn’t the ending they hoped for, I think every Seattle Mariners fan is ecstatic for the future Julio Rodriguez brings to the Pacific Northwest.

44 took on and beat the 21 year-old drought, the drought older than him.