High School Dating Safety


Abby Schorr

High School relationships should be fun, but also safe.

Abby Schorr, Staff Writer

I was once told by someone very important in my life that 2 of the most important things are safety and happiness, which is especially true in new high school relationships. Many high school students all over the world do not have positive or safe relationships, so how can we keep relationships positive and safe at NAI?

Assistant principal Jenna Fraser says, “ I feel that high school relationships are ok to have and explore as long as both families are aware and the relationship is supervised.” 

Asked about how she believes students can stay safe in relationships, her advice is “ If you ever feel uncomfortable in a relationship in any way the best thing you can do is to leave the relationship/situation and tell someone.”

This is good advice and if there are any students in a toxic relationship, they should feel comfortable talking to someone, like one of the principals or counselors, about it.

Guidance counselor Rianna Liebenguth says, “High school is a great time to learn how to navigate relationships and figure out what you are (and are not!) looking for in a partner.”

She also gave some input on how to keep relationships safe by saying “One of the most important things in relationships is communication. Communicate with your partner and establish clear boundaries ,and if you are ever uncomfortable in any way, don’t be scared to tell a trusted adult such as a counselor!”

NAI social worker Bethany Crowley says, “I think that before any student considers dating they should understand what dating means to them, know the qualities they are looking for in a partner, and think about what boundaries they would set in a relationship.  It is really an individual decision whether or not someone may be ready to date in high school.  Some students need to take time to discover who they are as an individual before dating.”

She also says, “Always use open and honest communication with your partner in order for you both to feel comfortable and safe in the relationship.  Set boundaries and stick to them.  A partner should never pressure you to compromise your values or beliefs about anything.  Also, online dating… that can be very dangerous as you never know who is behind a screen.”

NAI principal Caitlin Ewing says, “I feel that high school is the time to explore and discover yourself, and whether that includes dating is your choice. I also believe that if you are considering getting into a relationship is finding out what you want the relationship to look like and feel.”