Brandon Miller, the Accomplice


Darius Miles from his arrest photo in relation to the murder of Jamea Harris.

Noah M. Cerimele, Staff Writer

On January 15th 2023,  former Alabama basketball player, Darius Miles, was charged with capital murder, where he murdered 23 year old Jamea Harris.  An extremely unfortunate series of events in which a poor innocent woman lost her life, and as the details of the case become public, it becomes far more disturbing. 

While visiting her cousin at the University of Alabama , Jamea Harris was accompanied by her boyfriend on what appeared to be  a normal night out with fun and friends. But where this story truly takes a devastating turn is when Harris, her boyfriend, along with her cousin were going to get food after a night out in a local club. Reports say Miles approached the car, trying to talk to Harris. She repeatedly told Miles to stop and that she was not interested in conversation with him. After, her boyfriend rolled down his window of the car telling Miles to stop and get out. That is when things escalated, and eye witnesses said that they saw and heard rounds of gunfire.

Jamea died the next morning  at the young age of 23, but this isn’t the end of suspicion’. Miles was charged with capital murder in the state of Alabama, the most serious of violent crimes, which means murder with intent.  A month later, Miles’ trial started and this is where the story takes a shocking turn. 

At trial, it was revealed that Alabama star and projected top 5 NBA draft pick Brandon Miller provided the gun to Miles and was in the vicinity of the shooting, so close to the shooting that Miller’s windshield was hit by 2 of the bullets fired by Miles. So what is the extent of Brandon Miller’s involvement with this situation? It appears to be him giving Miles a loaded gun, which Miller was not registered to use or own And this is the same gun that Miles used in the murder. So therefore Brandon Miller is directly tied to this crime scene and should be at the least kicked off this basketball team, right? 

And the evidence against Miller starts to pile up because, even the Press Release issued by Miller’s attorney revealed that, at around midnight that night, Miller was giving another companion a ride home when about an hour later, which would be 1 a.m., Miller  left a handgun with Darius Miles at the scene where the murder took place. There is absolutely zero denying that Miller was an accomplice to this crime, whether he intended to be or not. 

Alabama Head Basketball Coach Nate Oats made telling comments after this information was released to the public, saying, “Brandon [Miller] is in no trouble, we knew about that [Miller being present at the time of the crime]. Wrong spot at the wrong time.”

Pffft, incredible, how could somebody with this much  power in such a statejust cover up such an awful thing a player on his team did because he is a good basketball player? 

Somebody innocent lost their life and their family has to deal with a lifetime of grief, and Nate Oats and Brandon Miller are now rightfully under fire from every media outlet on the planet.. Miller has still received no discipline, and until further notice will have no discipline. Brandon Miller and Nate Oats deserve discipline. Jamea Harris deserves justice.

Rest in Peace Jamea Harris.