Sophomores Run for NASH STUCO Vice President


A slate of highly-qualified sophomores are on the ballot for NASH STUCO Vice President.

Chase Timmerson, Staff Writer

As the year comes to a close in the next two months that means it’s time for NASH Student Council Elections. This year there are three candidates slated for the Vice President position, which is exclusive to rising juniors.

The candidates for the position are Julia O’Keefe, Anna Bridges, and Charlie Palmer. All of the candidates have previously been involved in Student Government. O’Keefe and Bridges currently serve as Presidents of NAI Class Council and NAI Student Council. Palmer also serves as NAI Student Council Publicity Director. 

The elections will be held from April 24th to April 27th. Each candidate believes they have something different and valuable to offer the student body at NASH. When asked why they wanted to become Vice President each student offered a different point of view.

Julia O’Keefe says, “Vice President is more than just a title, it means being part of the school for the students. I want to be able to listen to student’s ideas and give them a voice in our school.” She went further to say she wants to guarantee transparency and inform students about opportunities and events happening within the district

O’Keefe complimented Bridges and Palmer when asked why she should be elected rather than her opponents, but contrasted herself from her opponents by saying, she can guarantee 100% effort and dedication in her role, if elected. Julia wanted voters to know she shows her school spirit through her role as a NA cheerleader, and will continue to show school spirit as Vice President. 

Charlie Palmer has served as the NAI student council’s Publicity Director and has countless years of experience in student government. Palmer wants people to know he will be a hands on Vice President and won’t sit back while others do the work.

When asked why he wants to be Vice President Charlie mentioned his deep passion for student government, as well as his budding leadership skills and desire to help people. Palmer says, “the NASH student council is in a good place and not much change is needed”, and he wants to continue to build on their current success, while also changing the overall role student council plays in student’s day to day life. 

Lastly, Anna Bridges, who currently serves as NAI Student Council Vice President hopes to be elected Vice President so she can stand up for the greater good of the student body. Bridges wants to give herself a seat at the table to not only voice her opinion, but also serve a microphone and amplify student voices.

When asked about why she should be elected rather than the other candidates she cited her experience saying, “My experience as president has given me an understanding of how to govern the student body.” Anna hopes to give students the ability to balance extracurriculars such as sports and clubs with school. Bridges wanted to leave students with the reminder to ‘Vote Bridges for NASH student council Vice President.”

Each candidate has something to say and to offer the student body. With the election of Vice President comes the responsibility of planning Homecoming, fundraising, and organizing several school events. The election’s voting period is from April 24th to the 27th, with the winner being announced Friday April 28th.