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Why The Flash is a Good Movie

If you look past all the noise, it’s actually pretty entertaining.
Warner Bros. Pictures
Despite its poor reception, The Flash was actually a thrilling, exciting, and intense superhero film.

I am arguably DC’s biggest fan, and I will always fight for them no matter what. So it’s about time I take a stand on one of their biggest flops, The Flash.

I just watched The Flash for the first time. I did not get a chance to see it in theaters because of its short run time. I was honestly kind of scared to watch it, too. It had not great reviews on various social media platforms and Google. But I ignored them and sat down to watch this movie.

The film dropped into theaters on June 16th and was being pulled out of theaters at the end of June and early July. This is because it bombed at the box office, grossing 268.5 million dollars. Not enough to cover the costs of the movie which ranged from 265 – 400 million dollars.

The Flash is one of my favorite superheroes. I absolutely love him, and I was really hyped for the long anticipated movie. What I didn’t expect was the actor that portrayed the Flash to do some pretty bad things.

Ezra Miller portrayed the Flash in the Justice League films and reprised their role for the Flash’s solo movie. They, however, did some interesting things while the movie was being filmed. This caused many fans to boycott the movie because they didn’t think that Miller should still be portraying the Flash. DC, however, moved forward with the project anyways.

I, however, was not bothered by this. I needed to see The Flash because I love the character, and if you get past the actor who portrays the Flash, the movie is pretty incredible. It has amazing characters with an amazing cast (besides Miller), a very good plot, and amazing fight sequences.

I needed to see The Flash because I love the character, and if you get past the actor who portrays the Flash, the movie is pretty incredible.

Warner Bros. added some of the most amazing cameos I’ve seen in a while. The variants of Batman that fans got to see again were crazy. Not only did we get to see Ben Affleck’s Batman, we also got to see George Clooney’s and Adam West’s Batman. All of these Batmans in one movie was a complete shocker.

Superman also got a selection of wild variants as well. Whether it be George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, or Nicolas Cage, each face was good to see on the big screen again. Not to mention that fans got to see the original Supergirl again too, being Helen Slater.

And of course it wouldn’t be a true DC movie without Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot comes back to portray her character one more time. I will never get tired of seeing her on the big screen. She always adds so much to the movie, even if she’s just in it for a little bit.

The next amazing addition to the cast was Micheal Keaton. That’s right, Micheal Keaton, the original Batman. He reprised his role after so many years, and it was amazing to see him again. Seeing him in the original suit was amazing. He looked the same as he did in the 80s and early 90s. Not only did we see him, but we also saw the original batmobile and batwing, which was a blast from the past.

Adding Micheal Keaton to the cast was one of the best moves made by DC. You have the original Batman, which many generations grew up with, and brought a lot of sentimental value to the movie. He also taught Barry some very valuable lessons that helped him grow and develop into a better Flash.

Micheal Shannon then reprised his role as General Zod. This brought back so much nostalgia from Superman fans because he played Zod in Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. Seeing him once again on the big screen was amazing because he was truly an outstanding villain.

New characters were also introduced. My personal favorite being Supergirl played by Sasha Calle. She was an amazing addition to the movie. Her suit was top tier too. Wearing the same symbol Cavill’s Superman wore in Man of Steel. Her Supergirl was a fantastic addition to the DCEU superheroes.

There was a new Flash introduced in the movie. In fact, I may like him better than Miller’s original Flash. He was new to the speedforce, and had to get used to his powers. He brought much comedic relief to the film.

The plotline was also fantastic. It involves time travel, and who doesn’t love time travel. Barry travels back in time, and changes the timeline. He makes sure his mom didn’t die, and his dad didn’t go to jail. This alters the timeline, creating one of the best storylines in the DCEU.

The fight sequences were amazing, and the CGI was just as amazing. It was not bad looking, like some of the Marvel movies these days. The lightning looked real, and it felt like I was there in the movie with Barry.

Not only were the fight scenes intense, but I honestly got worried during some of them. Especially when the babies were falling out of the hospital. I was scared Barry wasn’t going to be able to get them all, and it would darken his mood for the worse. However, Barry kept going and saved all of the falling babies.

The final fight scene was a fun watch. Watching the Barrys, Supergirl, and Batman destroy Zodd’s army was so much fun. The ways they used their powers were so unique. Like the second Barry completing the circuit to blast everyone with his lightning. It was so much fun to cheer the heroes on as they fought.

With all of these points, one can see why The Flash does not deserve all of the hate it received. It was such a fun watch, and an amazing superhero movie. More people should take up the opportunity to watch one of the best DCEU movies.

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Addey Kane, Staff Writer
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