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TikTok Star Jordi’s Jump to the Mainstream

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TikToker iAmJordi releases her second song Just a Friend after her debut Hate You.

Public figure Jordi may become one of the most successful TikTok singers after the release of her second song “Just a Friend.”

Jordi, or iAmJordi on all her social media platforms, is a well known social media influencer. She has 10.3 million followers on TikTok, 2.68 million followers on YouTube, 1.2 million followers on SnapChat, and 1 million followers on Instagram. She is usually known for posting funny videos, that usually humiliate herself, on all four platforms that get many likes as well as many laughs. However, last year she became more than an influencer.

Before she released her debut song, “Hate You”, she would release bits and pieces of her song on various platforms. This immediately got many followers, including myself, hooked on this song, and impatiently anticipating the release of her song.

The song was released on November, 18th 2022, and it was instantly a big hit reaching 1.1 million views on YouTube, and that doesn’t even account for the various other streaming services. Her song was extremely catchy, and relatable.

With lyrics like, “Hate how you made me fall. Hate how I don’t hate you at all.” Any person after a heartbreak could easily relate to this, making it a good breakup song.

“Underneath the games you played I knew you’re thoughtful. And that only makes this worse, I wish you were awful.” This lyric is extremely relatable because under any relationship, even toxic ones, the partner always seems thoughtful. All the good times you had with your ex is really represented in this lyric.

Toxic partners appear toxic to everyone around you, but not always to you. It takes a while to realize how toxic your partner may have been because of the fun you had while you were with them. Jordi makes this known by her lyrics in “Hate You.”

Not only did her songs receive millions of streams on the various platforms, but SiriusXM’s Hits 1 also played it on the radio. They had Jordi herself host the show, and she chose some of her favorite songs, as well as her song “Hate You.” This provided her with more publicity and listeners. In fact, the show with Jordi can still be found on the SiriusXM app today.

On February 13th of 2023, Jordi released “Hate You (Piano Version)” to keep her career going. The piano version provided a softer, more solemn tone to her original song, making the track a lot sadder.

Jordi may not be the most famous TikToker or the most followed, but she’s demonstrating she can produce a good and catchy song.

Jordi then went musically quiet for a while, but not quiet on social media. She was still frequently posting on various platforms, and even saying new music was coming, but it would take a while. On SnapChat she would be answering fans’ chats about the music, further hinting at more songs on the way. Engaging in this sort of Q&As, fans were able to get excited for the future, and the songs that may have been coming.

Then, after months of waiting, she hinted at her new song, “Just a Friend.” Jordi again would play bits and pieces of the songs and adding links to pre-save the song. Followers, viewers, and just people scrolling through social media could see her and hear her song. This got the hype up for her new song even more.

“Just a Friend” was released on August 25, 2023 and was immediately streamed, receiving 1.3 million views on YouTube, and of course many other streams on various platforms. There was also a music video released, which was an extremely fun watch. It included really fun dance sequences, and this prompted people to do the dance on social media, and use Jordi’s song.

“Just a Friend”, another breakup song, focused more on being in a toxic relationship, and getting out of one. The lyrics were beautifully written to help anyone struggling with a toxic relationship, and would help them get out of it.

“So you think I’m dumb now? So you think I’m naive? You think that I can’t see what you can clearly see?” This is part of the opening verse of “Just a Friend.” It especially targets how people can see when their partner is not being honest with them. They are not blind, they can see what their partner is doing.

“You say ‘She’s just a friend.’ ‘Yeah she’s like a sister.’ So why don’t you call me wherever you’re with her?” This lyric targets the toxicity of a relationship like this. The lying about another girl, and the hurt it can cause. It brings attention to how she’s not always just a friend.

“If only you could lie, as good as I say goodbye.” This helps any listener know that it’s okay to leave a toxic relationship, and it is better for you too. You don’t have to be stuck with your significant other if you don’t feel comfortable in the relationship. If you think they are lying or cheating you should get out of it. Jordi makes that known.

Jordi may not be the most famous TikToker or the most followed, but she’s demonstrating she can produce a good and catchy song. Does Jordi have what it takes to become an amazing artist? She is clearly passionate about her music, and wants to keep going. She doesn’t seem to be the type who would give up easily. With this, fans can only impatiently wait until she releases her next big song.

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