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Top 10 Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are a great way to bring the family together over the holidays.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to watch Christmas movies. However, which ones are the best to watch during the Christmas season? In my opinion, the next ten are the ones to watch because of the comedic nature of these films and the happy moments with my family. They were each placed at a specific spot because of how they brighten up the holiday season for me.

10. A Christmas Story
The 1983 film starts the list off. Ralphie is the main character of the film, and all he wants for Christmas is a BB-gun. However, his mother is not so sure about this gift. Throughout the movie different characters tell Ralphie “he’ll shoot his eye out.” The comedic nature of this film makes it an amazing Christmas movie to watch with your family.

9. Elf
Will Ferrell portrays a human elf named Buddy in this 2003 Christmas movie. He goes on a journey to New York City to find his biological father. However, since he was raised in the North Pole he is out of place. He does not know how to get around in the city without making a fool of himself. This leads to many hilarious moments with Buddy the Elf and his friends. Again, if you are into comedic Christmas movies, this one’s for you.

8. Home Alone
A kid who makes his family disappear is next on the list. Kevin McCallister is forgotten at home while the rest of the family goes on a Christmas vacation for the holidays. He makes the most of it, and goes crazy. Eating as much ice cream as he can, to sledding down the stairs. However, he gets into some trouble. Bandits have figured out he is home alone. Can he out smart the bandits? Find out in Home Alone.

7. The Grinch (2018)
The 2018 Grinch has gotten a lot of hate over the years, and I beg to disagree. This is another great adaptation to Dr. Seuss’ original The Grinch. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the Grinch in this film, and he truly makes a good Grinch. I think this film adds so much more comedy than the other adaptations. The addition of a separate storyline for Cindy Lou Who is one of the best parts. In other Grinch films you would not get to see this, but in this film you do. This film adds so much more depth to the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Charlie Brown and his gang create such a wholesome movie about what Christmas actually is.

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas
Let’s be honest, no holiday is complete without Charlie Brown and his friends. This animated movie teaches the importance of friendship, acceptance, and most importantly what Christmas means. It is a great movie for all ages with a short runtime of 30 minutes meaning that little kids can sit through it. Charlie Brown and his gang create such a wholesome movie about what Christmas actually is, and no Christmas break is complete without A Charlie Brown Christmas.

5. The Christmas Chronicles
Netflix’s own Christmas movie is next. What happens when you stay up all night to try and catch Santa? Well Kate and Teddy Pierce make that happen, but it gets them into some trouble. Before they know it, they are traveling the world with Santa Claus himself to give out all the presents before the sun rises. This is an intense movie filled with funny and wholesome moments. It is a great movie for all ages, and a great one to watch with your family.

4. Christmas with the Kranks
Skipping Christmas?! Is that even possible? For Tim Allen’s character Luther Krank, it is. He would rather go on a cruise than celebrate Christmas. He knows his daughter Blaire won’t be home, so he figures all he will have to do is convince his wife Nora. Once Nora is convinced, the race is on to skip Christmas. What Nora did not realize is Luther wanted to skip every part of Christmas. No trees, no decorations, and no Frosty. Nora starts to have her doubts about the cruise, but Luther keeps on pushing. Will they go on the cruise, or will they stay home? Find out in Christmas with the Kranks.

3. The Muppet Christmas Carol
Hands down the best adaptation to Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol. The Muppets take this classic Christmas tale, and make it even better. Not only are the Muppets portraying the classic characters of Bob Cratchit, the Marleys, Fezziwig, etc., but Micheal Caine is also Scrooge. Gonzo narrates the story as the one and only Charles Dickens and his companion is Rizzo the Rat. The Muppets truly tell an epic story about being kind and loving to those all around you. And plus Robin plays the adorable Tiny Tim, like can this movie get any better?

2. The Happiest Season
A little known lgbtq+ inclusive Christmas movie takes number two on this list. Kristen Stewart plays the main character, Abby, in this film. She is not a big Christmas fan because her parents tragically passed away when she was young, making her an orphan. However, her girlfriend, Harper, loves everything about Christmas and tells Abby to come with her to her parents’ house to celebrate the holiday. Abby willingly agrees to this because she loves her girlfriend, and wants to make the holiday special again. What she didn’t know was that the entire family would be there, Harper is not openly gay, and Harper’s dad is running for mayor and that consumes their lives. Abby is stuck being the “roommate”, and she is not loving it. This movie is so realistic and a heartstring tugger. It is truly one of the best.

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
The Griswold’s win this top ten list. All Clark Griswold wants is a happy family Christmas, however, he was not expecting all his family to be there. His parents come, his inlaws come, his aunt and uncle come, and of course cousin Eddie and his family. This makes for a hectic, but hilarious winter vacation. The neighbors Margo and Todd just add the cherry on top. They are a rich couple, who always get annoyed by Clark and his ways. They have some of the funniest lines, including, “Why is the carpet all wet Todd?” Christmas Vacation is definitely the best Christmas movie ever. It has a great cast, great story lines, and the funniest moments in cinematic history. It is truly a film to watch, and enjoy.

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