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Do your parents have any idea what you are saying?

Do you get blank stares when you use a word such as “slay”? Or when you call your dad, “Bruh”?

Us, too.

As language continues to evolve, we wanted to help out the older generation by compiling a handy-dandy list of some common terminology used here at NAI, under the banner of “NAI’s Urban Dictionary”


Lit: verb (Lah-et) – super cool

Sus: adjective (Suh-s) – abbreviation for suspicious

Bruh: adjective (Buh-rah) – a word used when you are shocked or angry, (Mrs.Jones)

Epic: adjective (Eh-pic) – a major fail

Cuffing: verb (Cuh-uh-fuh-ing) – to cuddle or date (usually during winter)

Slay: adjective (Sha-lay) – to rock or do something well

Ratchet: adjective (Rah-ah-ch-eht) – something that is not good

Facts: noun (Fah-ah-cts) – something you strongly agree with

Bet: verb (Beh-t) – guessing against one’s ability to complete an action

Hype: adjective (Huh-yipe) – To be excited about something