NAI’s 2019 Fall Play: Charlotte’s Web

Great Actors and Directors come together to form an awesome play for the North Allegheny Community.


NAI’s 2019 Fall Play is E.B. White’s, Charlotte’s Web. It’s a story about a young pig, Wilbur, who comes home to a new barn. Along with meeting new friends, there is a fear of Wilbur being killed for meat. But one animal is determined to save Wilbur from being slaughtered.

Production of the play started near the end of September. The play is run by NAI’s counselors, Mr. Kiggins and Mrs. Feliciani along with other student directors from NASH. After a month of preparation and preparedness, the cast, directors, and stage crew are ready to give an audience a great show. 

Opening night for the public is Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 pm with two additional shows on Saturday, October 19th at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm. There will also be private shows for senior citizens on Wednesday and a show for 3rd graders from North Allegheny elementary schools during the school day on Thursday. People who would like to attend the show can buy their tickets for $8 at the auditorium doors of NAI. Enjoy the show!


  • Charlotte: Anna Parsons
  • Wilbur: Sally Cho
  • Fern Arable: Cassandra Pultorak
  • Templeton: Gannon Sprinkle
  • Goose: Hannah Oldham
  • Gander: Anthony Durzo
  • Sheep: Tori Wisniewski
  • Homer Zuckerman: Noah Lego
  • Edith Zuckerman: Kate Snodgrass
  • John Arable: Ben Balbach
  • Martha Arable: Sharon Li 
  • Avery Arable: Lorenzo Zottoli 
  • Member 1/Reporter/Baby Spider: Virginia Lucas
  • Member 2/Photographer/Baby Spider: Julia Berger
  • Member 3/Baby Spider: Amanda Metzger
  • Spider Dancer: Jessica Daninhirsch

Student Directors

  • Julia Moose
  • Ian Rampton
  • Aleni Antalis
  • Skylar Rogers
  • Grace Elliot
  • Lucie Flagg
  • Daniel Schaub 

Stage Crew

  • Connor Day
  • Joseph Ebbert
  • Claire Wood
  • Ryan Clarkson
  • Ryan Mounteer
  • Emily Guajardo
  • Lily Owens