The Struggle is Real

The ongoing stress epidemic at NA and across the country continues to plague students

Teenagers face stress all day, every day. It is not only the stress of school but also the social stress, family stress, and uncontrollable life events. But the most commonly reported stress was that of academics which was reported 83% according to PSYCOM.

According to a recent poll indicating stress in high school students, 45% of teens said they are stressed all of the time. This poll reached 35,878 highschool students across the United States. “The poll, created to raise teens’ awareness of mental health issues and available resources, was developed as part of After School’s annual Social Media Safety in Schools conference”, according to the article. Teenagers have so many other events throughout their lives happening, stress is not something they should not have to manage on the daily. 

Teenagers face stress all day, every day.”

An epidemic that is rapidly increasing is anxiety and stress in teenagers and young adults. In 2011, the American College Health Association confirmed that 50% of college students feel “overwhelming anxiety” based on a conducted poll. The same association produced a poll in 2016 and established that the number rose to 62%. “But it is an epidemic that often goes overlooked, because ‘people don’t see it as a legitimate illness,’” says Robin H. Gurwitch, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, and professor at Duke University Medical Center.

Help can be found, luckily. Debilitating stress can be so unnerving that sometimes medication or therapy is recommended. Professionals have said that managing stress only works for most people by taking the combination of the two. You have to help them manage their anxiety and come up with plans for when they’re anxious in the future, rather than just saying that they’ll rely on pharmaceuticals.” says Robin.

It is absolutely important to keep in mind, however, that this is only recommended for students with severe, excruciating, and intense stress levels. This does not pertain to students with mild stress levels. Do NOT try or do anything without the verification of a medical professional or a responsible adult.

Stress is a burden that many throughout the world experience frequently. The approach a person takes to endure it can drastically have an impact on human function. A positive mindset and a reassuring moment of confidence to help counteract stress are generally helpful. Think about results that will have a beneficial effect in the future.