Top 4 Ice Cream Places in Wexford


Waverly Younts and Mary Marzula

Food has always been viewed as a way to comfort the consumer in times of great sorrow. Although there are many excellent food options, nothing sees through the troubles of life better than ice cream. From getting dumped by a girlfriend or boyfriend to getting a bad grade on a test, a pint is truly the only way to go.

However, this creates two problems- where to get the ice cream and which flavor?

In order to help resolve this problem for you, we went around the Wexford area in search of the most heavenly ice cream from the best shops. We designed a rubric with the categories that we believe create the ultimate ice cream. On the rubric, we rated each ice cream on the actual flavor, creaminess, thickness, and the ratio of mix-ins to ice cream. 

The first ice cream location that we journeyed to was Handel’s. Located just half a mile away from NAI, this is quite a convenient location for NA students. Handel’s has been crafting homemade ice cream since 1945 and has over 50 flavors to choose from. The most popular flavor at the location is called Graham Central Station. This did not sound too appealing to us, but we decided to go out of our comfort zones and give it a try. From the first lick, we both did not enjoy the pungent graham cracker flavor. The ice cream was pleasantly creamy but the flavor was not a win for us. Chunks of chocolate were mixed into the graham cracker base. These chocolate chunks provided a great texture for the ice cream. However, there were very few of them. Based on our rubric, we came to the conclusion that Handel’s is not the best place to get ice cream in the Wexford area.

For our second stop to find the most enticing ice cream around, we stopped at Any Given Sundae- located just off of Brandt School Road. This business was founded in 2012 and is the only location that has opened since. One unique feature of this shop is that the workers will mix-in extras that you choose with an ice cream base right in front of your eyes! After making our way to the shop, we asked for their cheesecake ice cream flavor, adding strawberries and graham crackers to be mixed in. However, the ice cream became very soft and almost melted due to the mixing in of the strawberries and graham crackers. Based on the criteria of the rubric, we do not think Any Given Sundae has what it takes to be the best ice cream shop in Wexford.

Bruster’s was the next location that we went to. Bruster’s first location opened in 1989 and since then, over 200 locations have opened across the United States. Bruster’s sells ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbert. We asked to try their most popular flavor, birthday cake. Birthday cake at Bruster’s consists of a yellow cake batter base with blue icing and rainbow sprinkles mixed in. The ice cream had a great flavor and the sprinkles gave an amazing texture. The icing was so creamy and mixed well with the ice cream! Although this ice cream was near perfect, it was overwhelmingly sweet. For this reason, we ranked Bruster’s as the second best ice cream place in Wexford.

For our last stop, we made our way to Graeter’s Ice Cream, located in the Wexford Plaza. Graeter’s was founded in 1870 in Cincinnati, OH, and is best known for the addition of chocolate chunks to almost any flavor of ice cream. They expanded the franchise by adding a 50th shop to Wexford. In addition to ice cream, Graeter’s also makes

delicious handcrafted ice cream cakes and pies. When we went to Grater’s, we decided to try the s’mores flavor. Their s’mores ice cream gives you a traditional s’mores flavor due to the addition of their famous milk chocolate chips, soft mini marshmallows, all included in a rich graham cracker ice cream. The ice cream melted beautifully in our mouths and left us feeling extremely satisfied. Because of these details, we came to the delicious conclusion that Graeter’s has the best ice cream in the Wexford area!