What is Nightcore?

Looking into a different style of music


Not many people know about this style of music. It’s fast, involves higher octaves, and has an endlessly wide range of song selections. Nightcore. It’s pronounced just how it looks, night-core. It’s regular music but sped up thus also higher pitch than the original song. It has literally all genres of music, almost highlight parodies of songs, and includes mashups often under the classification of “Switching Vocals”.

Sophomore Alana Liwosz says, “I like the way how they speed up songs because it brings a new mood to certain songs. Some songs are slow and sad and to see an outlook on certain songs just by speeding it up it is very unique. That’s why I prefer nightcore over certain songs.”

There is another subcategory to nightcore called daycore that has the opposite effect. Slower songs and a deeper pitch, though that significantly less known with a smaller selection.

As far as I can tell, nightcore music is almost exclusively made on YouTube. Many of the videos have anime-styled backgrounds, that at times have animations added, and have lyrics added either on screen or in the description. 

It can make music more fun to listen to and might be better if you want to listen to your songs during a workout. Its range is literally any song, so any song could be in nightcore form. It’s a good style to listen to for energy. Freshman Blaise Husek says, “I really like it since a lot of songs, in my opinion, are too slow. I need a fast tempo to keep me interested.”

Some popular nightcore channels are:





RubyChan’s Nightcore