The Friendly Faces of NAI

NAEye takes a look at the three women behind the scenes of NAI who keeps your school on its feet.


Bitmoji's of our secretaries

They are the women you see in the main office behind the large desk working hard behind the scenes of the school. They sell you NA football game tickets, tell you where the principals are, but that’s not all. NAEye asked each secretary their stories what else their jobs bring them. 

A former North Allegheny alumni from Marshall Middle School and a Slippery Rock University graduate, Ms. Kathryn Dixon, started here on October 8th of last year as the assistant principal secretary. She started as a secretary at an immigration law firm downtown before coming home to North Allegheny Intermediate High School. 

On a regular day, she is in charge of managing of the assistant principal’s calendars, and making sure they know what’s on their agenda for the day. Dixon also takes care of demographic forms for new students who are moving into or within the district area. She fills out of the form of information which she sends to the transportation department.

As Dixon explains, this is a job is like an office job; they come in on in-service days and even on snow days as the weather allows them to safely. Customer service background seems to help Dixon with people skills when interacting with students and parents. She worked in sales before coming to NAI which contributed to her people skills with students when needed. 

To the right of Ms. Dixon desks sits Mrs. Jennifer Jordan, husband of Mr. Jordan who teaches Honors Chemistry, and mother of Jebediah Jordan who is a sophomore at NAI. She’s been with NAI for 5 years now but have was a secretary at Duquesne University downtown before coming to North Allegheny. 

Jordan is in charge of budgeting school funds for different activities. She is also responsible for coordinating substitutes for teachers who are absent and telling which classroom to cover. Dixon also explained how Mrs. Jordan is always at NAI first getting right to work. “She’s got all the lights on and everything is ready to go for us.” 

The final secretary NAEye talked to was Mrs. Lisa Broeker, the principal secretary for Mrs. Ewing. Being a principal secretary, she explained how there isn’t a daily routine for there are new challenges to overcome every day. 

Like Jordan, Broeker has also been here for 5 years and being a former lunch lady at Peebles Elementary School, she has experience talking and engaging with students on a regular basis. Something Broeker wants students to know is that they are there not just to help the staff.

“We are more than happy to help students with anything they may need.””

— Mrs. Broeker


You may only see them looking at their computers, but behind their desks are lots of hard work and teamwork to keep NAI rolling smoothly.