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Stop Making Unnecessary Sequels and Trilogies

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Sequels and trilogies need to stop being made unless necessary.

We all have watched a movie that has struck us in a way that leaves us craving e more. We love it so much that we wish there could be more movies like it. Do those movies actually need another storyline, though?

Movies are often very special to many people, and studios making unnecessary sequels are just ruining that. Scream is a great example. The original Scream came out in 1996 and was a huge hit. It worked as a trilogy and should’ve stayed that way. There is no reason for there to be 7 movies. Yeah, it’s fun trying to unmask ghost faces, but there are so many other movies that can give us that same feeling.

Recently, Disney announced Moana 2. Moana came out in 2016 and has one of the most popular Disney songs, “How Far I’ll Go.” Moana is one of the best Disney princess movies made, and the way it ended was so perfect that it’s upsetting that they are going to ruin that by making it a sequel. It is going to turn into a Cinderella situation where there are two other movies that no one even knew existed or cares to watch.

The same thing can be said about Frozen 3. Frozen 2 was great. It had great songs, a good storyline, and a good ending. It should end there. Frozen is the most streamed Disney movie and that’s great, but making it a trilogy will make the original movie boring to watch.

Now, there are some movies that are getting sequels when the first movie never should have been made in the first place. Just like Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey. This is the worst movie made. There is no reason for making a kids movie to become a horror movie.

Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 was announced and people immediately decided they’re not going to watch it. The first one did horrible in the box office, so there’s no reason to keep going.
The Walt Disney company didn’t even give full rights for the first one to be made.

Sequels and trilogies are only good when they are necessary. The Fear Street trilogy released in 2021 is a great example. There is one overall storyline, but other stories need to be told. The movies are all connected in a way that makes it enjoyable to watch every one.

If anyone is going to enjoy a cringe romance movie, it’d be me, but that doesn’t mean we should make more of them. The Kissing Booth released on Netflix in 2018 is one of the prime examples. The first movie is all right, it’s fun to watch at a girls sleepover, but they should’ve stopped at one.

The movie ended nicely and it was fine as is, but when the goal is money, studios are obviously going to make more. The Kissing Booth turned into a trilogy and that was the worst decision ever made. The main character and love interest after three movies didn’t even end up together, so what was the entire point?

Movies need to stop being made just for money. Every once in a while a good movie will come out, but then again it still doesn’t give that feel of enjoyment like movies from the 80s-10s do. It’s okay if new movies aren’t coming out every second. I rather watch a movie that took 5 years to make than one that took 6 months just so it’s out there. Movies don’t need to be made into a sequel or trilogy to get more money, movies need to be made for the people.

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Faith Myers, Staff Writer
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