The K-pop frenzy that hit NAI

Recommendations that involve the 3 categories of hip-hop, rock, and Bal

Autumn Crown, student writer

K-pop is something that is universally known around the world and has expanded from person to person throughout each of its fans. Most of you know about or have heard about the group BTS. If not, you should definitely check them out. In this essay I will not focus on BTS but more on the groups or people who aren’t as well known or don’t get enough credit in the K-pop industry. These songs are recommended by subdivisions in the whole industry of K-pop. 


Hip- hop, in K-pop, is something that all idols practice 8 to 9 hours a day perhaps even more than that. Something that they must learn all the dances to a T. Everything perfect. The angles, perfect 90 degrees The fast to slow controls, and emotions that can attract every new fan. When trainees train they often practice with weights on their feet so when they take them off during stages or other things they look light on their feet. Being able to dance in K-pop is one of the most important parts of being an idol. Only some of the total millions of songs are included below. 


  • Lay Zhang- Honey
  • Ateez- pirate king
  • A.C.E- Undercover
  • Chung Ha – gotta go
  • Amber Liu- Hands behind my back
  • X1- Flash
  • Ateez- Hala Hala
  • NCT Dream- Boom
  • Wanna one- Beautiful
  • EXO- Growl
  • EXO- Monster
  • SF9- K.O.
  • GOT7- Hard Carry
  • Seventeen- Clap
  • Shinee- View 
  • EXO-CBX- Blooming day
  • Yoo Jae Suk and EXO- Dancing King
  • NCT 127- Regular
  • NCT 127- Fire Truck
  • Seventeen- Crazy in Love


The next category that is included in the multi carrying groups is rock. In K-pop there are a lot of rock bands. What is different in rock from all the other categories is that they play their own instruments. Just like in America. It is weird to find groups that don’t really dance but their music is amazing! 


  • N flying- The real
  • Royal Pirates- Runaway
  • FTISLAND- Take me now
  • Wax- Just leave
  • The Rose- Sorry
  • Day 6- I wait
  • Marmello- Puppet
  • Bursters- Lost child
  • CN blue- I’m Sorry


Another popular category is the Ballad. Ballad is a beautiful category that fuses vocals and usually piano. The beautiful high vocals and pouring out of the soul of all the ballad singers. Usually Ballads are used in K dramas and it creates feelings of sadness, happiness, feelings of love, etc. 


  • Melo Mance- Just friends
  • Paul Kim- every day ever moment
  • Lee Hi- breathe 
  • Park Boram- Sorry
  • Huh Gak- only you
  • Huh Gak- Empty words
  • K. Will- please don’t


Even though there are a lot of K-pop categories, these are just a few popular ones. Give them a chance, and surely these songs will be your new favorites.