Cole Young, I Heard You’re Famous?

Future baseball superstar, Cole Young, verbally commits to Duke as a freshman.


NAEYE: So, I heard you’re famous, how many instagram followers do you have?

CY: On Instagram I have 4,248 followers, but I think the ratio of followers to who I’m following is 22. Ya know and I’m private, so.


NAEYE: How many articles have been written about you and from what sources?

CY: A decent amount have been written, I’m not sure the exact number. There are a few on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review. There are also a couple of random baseball websites.


NAEYE: How did you decide you were going to play for Duke as a freshman in high school and how did they approach you?

CY: So, basically it started at the end of the summer of eighth grade going into ninth grade and I talked to my dad a little bit of the benefits of attending Duke and we just felt it would be the best option. Mainly because of the coaching staff, the academics and the location, pretty much everything about it. 


NAEYE: Do you honestly think that if you didn’t get a scholarship that you would get into Duke?

CY: No, not at all.

Young readies himself to field a ground ball at shortstop, where he will continue his career at Duke.

NAEYE: Do you have a specific pregame routine? 

CY: I mean I stretch, obviously, but I don’t think I have any superstitions. Before every game I drink a G Fuel and have a granola bar as a pregame meal. 


NAEYE: What is your favorite part of baseball and what part do you hate the most about it? 

CY: I definitely like how you are always working on something, like your swing because it’s never perfect. The worst part about it is having a bad game or striking out. Ya, striking out is pretty bad and embarrassing.


NAEYE: What products do you use in your hair?

CY: I don’t know exactly know what I use, I think it’s Old Spice. I do use Head and Shoulders shampoo though.


NAEYE: Do you feel really cool when you walk down the hall with one AirPod in?

CY: Ya, well, I do feel kinda sick. Just kidding, I have never noticed I did that, I think it’s just habit at this point.


NAEYE: What is your favorite and least favorite class this year? 

CY: Intro to Physics and Chem is my least favorite. My favorite is definitely foods class but my favorite academic class is probably math. 


NAEYE: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be as successful as you besides hardwork and practice? 

CY:  Be patient and try not to get frustrated if you have a bad game. 


NAEYE: Do you think you were born with talent?
CY: Ya, I think so. A lot of it is hard work but I think it’s mostly God-given talent.


NAEYE: Finally, what position do you play?

CY: It’s just shortstop, I mean I could play outfield but mostly shortstop.