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The Student News Site of North Allegheny Intermediate High School

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The Student News Site of North Allegheny Intermediate High School

NA Eye

Shoes of NAI

Throughout NAI, shoes are an important part of expressing a person's individuality. NAI's shoes represent the culture and ethnicity within North Allegheny. Here are some of NAEye's favorites.

COVID-19 has affected all of us, and oftentimes in more ways than one.

March 13, 2020

Ada Sun , Staff Writer November 10, 2020

It was the last period of the day. I was sitting in my math class, half-listening to my teacher talk as I counted down the minutes until the bell would ring. Suddenly, just as the clock struck two, the...

Prism- A Poem of Pride

Zena Lang, Student Editor June 10, 2020

Prism I heard someone say gay people can’t do math Now, this can’t be the case Math has been my ally from the beginning My parents introduced this idea  To a third grader That negatives...

Tiger Strong Live Long Week

Marissa Granite, Co-Editor-In-Chief February 24, 2020

"Tiger Strong Live Long." First coined by Superintendent Dr. Scherrer in 2017 when North Allegheny implemented UPMC as the health insurance provider for all district employees.  Now, a seemingly new...

Around the world schooling is very different to what we perceive as a normal school routine.

The Privileged Life

Sushmita Rajan, Staff Writer January 8, 2020
Around the world kids are not as privileged as us and do not have the opportunity to got to school.
Kicking the Bear: Political Cartoon

Kicking the Bear: Political Cartoon

Jess Daninhirsch, Photography Editor January 7, 2020

This scene was inspired by a comment from my friend during a conversation about the current events of the news. He said, "Trump is just kicking the bear at this point; forget poking it." During our...

What makes you happy?

Snapshots: Happiness on a Hand 2019

Mia Simmons, Photography Editor/Podcast Editor November 8, 2019

North Allegheny is ranked very high in terms of educations and athletics. Students and teachers work hard to get work done. The competitive nature at NA, not only in athletics but also in academics. From...



Zoë Sage Tracey , Podcast Editor October 8, 2019

You always hear the same old Ariana Grande and Post Malone songs on 96.1 kiss FM but we've decided to go deeper into the playlists' of our students and staff at NAI.

The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket

Gabby Tumolo and AshLynn Harrison October 8, 2019

As we grow up, we’re constantly told that every moment of our lives matters, that everything we choose to do will affect us, but they don’t, and here's why.  When we start high school by going...

People have all sorts of different styles and should feel free to express them however they want.

Girly Girl

Meg Patterson, Staff Writer May 24, 2019

High heels, makeup, tight shirts, short skirts, the color pink. Girls, and people, in general, are always told when, where, and how much of them to wear. Whether we’re not wearing them enough or too...

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