The Vulture of Cancel Culture


Image By: Taylor Callery from Time Magazine

The world has become more negative and toxic due to the reaction of changes going on around it. The responses people give to the worldly dilemmas is usually a target for backlash. The modern era is seeming to have more opinions and strong feelings, which is important because everyone is different and unique. However, the intense opinions and feelings people have has a high probability of others in disagreement. The world used to let people’s opinions simply be their opinions, educate those who had offensive views, or respect and reserve one another’s opinions. The current way of disagreement of opinions is now known as the toxic and hateful concept of cancel culture.

Cancel culture is the idea of making someone feel “cancelled” from society to act as a punishment for something they have either said or done. The most well known way of getting cancelled is for political opinions and offensive comments. People used to be more respectful of others’ political opinions and kept to themselves if they disagreed. However, now cancel culture can make an appearance for having certain political opinions. Offensive tweets, liking bad photos, posting with controversial people, all contribute to popular ways that cancel culture can follow people.There are many celebrities that have been cancelled because of their political opinions, offensive comments, past/current actions or words, and more.

The actions of those in support of cancel culture are very harsh and cruel treatment. A common occurrence in the realm of cancel culture is death threats. People in society will go as far to give someone a death threat for something they have done, regardless of how big or minor the offense was. Hateful comments, threats, harsh treatment, only begin to name the actions of the pessimists that are in favor of cancel culture. The effects of cancel culture can be so severe that some of those affected have developed mental health problems. A person’s mental health can take a major toll due to the hate they are receiving. Although some may feel that people “deserve it”, a mental health issue is a serious offense that should not be what is reciprocated for a mistake that can be learned from.

The world of social media has inflated the idea of “cancelling” by a large amount. People may either get cancelled because of something they did on social media or use social media as a method to cancel someone. There are many famous people on social media, known as influencers, that have faced the horrible wrath of cancel culture. The youtubers, instagrammers, tik tokers, and more are all prone to cancel culture. Social media is like gasoline to a fire for cancel culture.

The term “skeletons in the closet” was commonly used in the past to describe previous mistakes, which could lead to the cancel culture of today. There are an abundance of people with “skeletons in their closet” that sit anxiously awaiting for the storm that is cancel culture. The times changing caused the treatment for “skeletons in the closet” to become increasingly worse. People used to either receive a simple, yet deserved punishments and/or learn from their mistake. In the modern era, the “skeletons in the closet” causes cancel culture to brutally attack the person who made the mistake.

Cancel culture is the cruel nightmare that haunts many for opinions and mistakes regardless of how big or small. It is essentially a hateful way to have someone learn from doing something unethical or not believing in the same matter as others. Instead of the past ways of handling mistakes, cancel culture is now in charge of that. Cancel culture is a serious issue that is only getting more out of hand by the day.