The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King?



Students watch the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022.

Addey Kane, Staff Writer

It was september 8th and students were in class; suddenly the news broke out, Queen Elizabeth had died.  

Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96 after a 70 year reign. The UK is devastated by the loss of the Queen. But what do NAI students think about this loss? 

“Sad,” stated sophomore Addison Nicasio.

“I feel weird because that’s the only queen I’ve ever known, and I probably won’t see another queen in my lifetime,” said freshman Aditi Vadlamuri. 

I probably won’t see another queen in my lifetime…

As Vadlamuri points out, Queen Elizabeth may be the only queen current high schoolers get to see because King Charles has the throne, then it goes to Prince William, then Prince George, then Princess Charlotte, and finally Prince Louis. 

Princess Charlotte is the only woman in line for the throne, and she has a lot of people in front of her. The fact that they may not see another queen in their lifetimes is quite shocking and hard for some to swallow. Just knowing that Queen Elizabeth isn’t ruling anymore is hard for many. On the other hand, some people don’t know how to feel.

“I don’t know. It’s sad, she was very important in Europe,”  said freshman Mallory Simon

Some students don’t know how to feel because they weren’t affected by the Queen. Simon still feels sad, but not as sad as some other people. As Simon noted, Queen Elizabeth was important in the UK, but not necessarily here.

Elizabeth’s reign was long and affected the UK greatly, but she didn’t affect the United States. Therefore, some people aren’t sure how to feel. Others, however, are still shocked to see the Queen’s longevity come to an end. 

“It was a shock. We all thought she was going to live to a hundred or something,” Sophomore Alanna Imm said.

Students all over thought that Queen Elizabeth was going to outlive them or at least live until 100.Having the Queen die so suddenly, without news of a long illness, was one of the biggest shocks. Thankfully, Queen Elizabeth was at peace when she passed away, which was a relief to many. Unfortunately, students couldn’t get to see Queen Elizabeth reach 100, but they did get to see her through their lifetime. 

Queen Elizabeth was a remarkable woman, and she will forever be held in the hearts of students at NAI, for they are all at least a little bit sad about her recent death. Whether that be the fact that she died suddenly, the fact that she didn’t make it to 100, or the fact that we might not see another queen in our lifetime, the students are sad.

 Students may have not been personally affected, but they know that the UK has been affected, and are sad for them too. One thing that will never be the same is watching the Minions movie or watching Cars 2. When watching these movies we will remember the legacy of Queen Elizabeth, and maybe get teary eyed. Queen Elizabeth was a great queen with an even better legacy.