What’s Next for Texas?


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Chris Beard’s abrupt removal has left Texas Men’s Basketball without a coach and on spiraling on the court.

Noah M. Cerimele, Staff Writer

Most fans that follow a college team will never witness a serious controversy in the school they support, but for Texas Longhorn fans, a huge controversy has struck. 

On the very early morning of December 12th, head men’s basketball coach Christopher Beard was arrested at a family member’s house  for felony assault on a family member, thought to be the coach’s fiancee, who Beard had a conflict with. She has publicized  the allegations, even though reports indicate she was the one who ended up calling law enforcement to the house to deal with the situation. 

This denial is certainly odd as many have speculated that she lied to the public because she didn’t want Beard to lose his 7 year, $5 million AAV contract over the incident 

Another part of the arrest warrant that seems a little peculiar is in the document it clearly states that the two had been going through some relationship issues, and when asked if verbal altercation turned into physical action, Beard’s fiance said yes. Beard was booked in the Travis County jail in Austin Texas.Released later that day, Beard was approached by the media and did not care to comment. 

Regardless of what anybody wanted to say about the situation Beard had put himself and Texas Basketball in, Texas had to make a decision.They put Chris Beard on immediate unpaid leave, and left the situation to mellow in the ensuing weeks to review  all legal documents and details and to make sure Beard’s fiance wasn’t lying. Well they decided she was and they knew they then had enough evidence to officially fire the head men’s basketball coach. Beard was fired with immediate effect, and now they wait to see what the court will do with him. 

But what about Texas? Beard is most certainly leaving this organization in a predicament. Apparently the team did not fare well with the arrest of Beard, per ESPNTheir first game they played without their head coach was against the Rice Owls, a far inferior opponent to Texas, but they somehow took Texas into overtime, with Texas ultimately winning 87-81. 

And this may have been a sign of things to come as just recently the last game Texas played against Kansas State, they allowed 116 points, the worst defensive collapse Texas has seen in the last 30 years. Now with Big 12 play upon them, it’s gonna get really tough for the Texas longhorns. 

Many will blame Beard. Is he to blame? Many will point their fingers towards him and rightfully so, as he is leaving the program in a state of controversy. So many will ask, what’s next for Texas?